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the-maze-runnerThere is really only one word needed to describe James Dashner’s The Maze Runner – Wow!  Imagine that you wake up in a strange place knowing nothing but your name.  Your memory has been wiped and you have no idea what happened to you before you woke up in the pitch black of an elevator that opens to reveal a walled-off area and a bunch of boys staring at you.  The leader of the group tells you that you are in the middle of a maze, in a place called The Glade where these boys all live, carving out an existence.  Nobody knows why the maze is there or why they are all trapped inside with no way out that they have discovered in the past two years.  As well as trying to solve the maze they must survive the attacks of sinister blob-type creatures called Grievers.  The story follows Thomas and the other ‘Gladers’ who strive against the odds to escape the maze alive.

The story is heart-stopping and the plot races along.  It’s one of those books that you just don’t want to end and I was excited to discover that The Maze Runner is the first book in a trilogy.  Now I just have to wait patiently for James Dashner to write the sequel, Scorch Trials that comes out later this year.  If you loved Suzanne Collins The Hunger Games you’re sure to love The Maze Runner.

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    kiakaha75 said,

    Hey Zac

    You are right, this is of of the best books I’ve ever read and I’ve read quite a few really, really good books. This is definitely a great book and I recommend it to people 10+.


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      zackids said,

      I’m glad you liked it Rhys. It’s definitely one of my top books and I can’t wait for the sequel, The Scorch Trials, which is coming soon.
      Check out this cool book trailer of The Maze Runner – it’s really good!

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        henmistr said,

        Looks kind of creepy. But I guess people do that with lots of books to try and make them look more exciting.

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    kiakaha75 said,

    Hey Zac

    I reckon this is the best book trailer ever and have you seen the hunger Games book trailer.

    If you watch The Maze runner Trailer then at the end of it there’s a list of other trailers and the Hunger Games trailer is there. (the first one)

    Thanks, Rhys

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    […] in the Maze Runner trilogy, is one of my all-time favourite books (you can read my review on the Christchurch Kids Blog).  It’s one of those books that is stuck in my head and I just couldn’t put down.  […]

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