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What to do when you’re bored

There are so many crazy things to do to keep you amused! I find all sorts or random things to do when I’m bored. You can get bored in the Classroom, at home, in a waiting room at the dentists, anywhere really!

I know heaps of crazy weird stuff to do in these situations:

Do the rubber pencil trick. Try not to think about penguins (this is impossible, I can manage about 3 seconds. It’s so hard because when your trying not to think of penguins you automatically do!), watch tv and repeat everything in weird accents, create an annoying twitch (this is great for on the bus, especially if there’s someone sitting opposite you in the four seater spots), try to count your teeth with your tongue. Endless choices!

What do you do when your bored? PS: I got half of these things of the internet, I don’t do them!

By Henry

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Hermione Granger

Hermione Granger

Appearance:  Bushy  frizzy brown hair,  normally tidy, brown eyes, medium height,

Hermione is in Gryffindor

Hermione likes Studying, learning, magic

Dislikes wasting time, bullies

Strengths clever, is good at magic, cooking,

Weaknesses are flying

By Alana

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Long Danzi

Appearance: dark green dragon, long whiskers coming out of face, five reserve scales on his chest.

Family: wife was turned into pickle and son is in an egg.

Likes: Birds and fish.

Dislikes: Iron makes him weak and the emperor’s guards.

Strengths: Flying, and swimming.

Weaknesses: iron, shape shifting and not speaking in riddles.

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LIKES: his swamp,eyeballs,slime,fiona,peice and quiet and thats it.

DISLIKES: donkey,puss, prince charming.

family: wife fiona

strenghs: strong,ugly,doesn’t feel much pain

weekness: hates he fairy godmother and prince charming.

By Juliette

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Bart Simpson


girls,skateboarding,beer,missing school,blue and orange,


lisa,school,healthy eating, and bullies

by Neve

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Draco Malfoy

Draco Malfoy is a character in Harry Potter

He is very good at frowning and find it hard to smile.

He is the son of Lucius Malfoy and Narcissa Malfoy

Draco Malfoy is a death-eater

Draco Malfoy has white hair and and he is in Slytherin- In the movie he has white hair and if you wathched the story.

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Maggie Simspon

I like Maggie Simpson because she is so cute and I like the way she sucks her dummy.It’s so cute!And I also like her little blue “costume” and how she always ends up going missing or something and making Marge worried.She’s awesome!!!!!!!!!

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