What would you do with 20 billion dollars?

Cover imageWhat would you do if you inherited 20 billion dollars?  This is exactly what Gerald has to decide when he inherits a fortune from his great-aunt, in Richard Newsome’s exciting, roller-coaster ride of a book, The Billionaire’s Curse.  When Gerald’s great-aunt Geraldine dies suddenly, his family jumps on a private jet and races over to England for the funeral and the all-important reading of her will.  Gerald’s great-aunt leaves him her entire fortune, including houses, cars, her butler and lots and lots of cash.  As if he didn’t have enough to worry about with all that money, Gerald discovers Geraldine was murdered and a very valuable diamond has been stolen from the British Museum.  The two crimes are linked and it’s up to Gerald and his new friends to uncover the truth.  With villains around every corner, who can Gerald trust?

The Billionaire’s Curse is a fast-paced, mystery story with lots of action, creepy characters, booby traps, and close shaves with death.  It’s also the first book in The Billionaire Trilogy so watch out for book 2, The Emerald Casket, in the library soon. Perfect for 11+


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    henmistr said,

    COOL! I’d so love it if my family had 20billion dollars! Thats like so many zeros on the end: $20,000,000,000. I would buy Rainbows End Park and move it into my huge mansion which would be like half the size of Christcurch. But then I might get lost in my wardrobe.

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    SYLVIA .V. said,


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    stmichaelsbloggers said,

    If I had 20 billion dollars I could get a private swimming tutor, help out lots of needy people, buy my own computer, not have to worry about high school funds, when I’m older I could buy myself a mansion like I’ve always dreamed of, I could buy thousands of books and have my own library, when I turned sixteen I could buy myself a really expensive car/limo!!!!!, I’d buy my friends lots of cool things, I’d give my parents 50 million dollars to spend on a new house and upgrade nearly everything, I’d also get a private French tutor and heaps more tutors for different languages, I’d give my school and swimming pool heaps of funds as well as the library to spend on more books, I’d get a bach nearly everywhere and go on a world tour and still keep up with my homework!!!, and that’s just the beggining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      henmistr said,

      I would buy about 50 70 foot limos and whenever I wanted to turn the corner I would have to change limo.

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    […] the truth about Gerald’s family.  You can read all about the three books in the trilogy, The Billionaire’s Curse, The Emerald Casket and The Mask of Destiny here on the blog.  Richard Newsome is coming to […]

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