Could Harry Potter’s Invisibility Cloak really make someone invisible?

Cristy Burne is a cool author from Australia whose first novel, Takeshita Demons is coming out in New Zealand next month (stay tuned for a review soon).  Here’s a little bit about it from her blog:

“Takeshita Demons is a spooky adventure story for younger readers. It features a Japanese heroine in her battle against some traditional Japanese demons — or “yokai”. It’s scary but not gory, and exciting but not violent. It’s an old-fashioned adventure where ordinary kids battle to save the day.”

I’m really looking forward to reading it, but I found this interesting post on her blog: Could Harry Potter’s Invisibility Cloak really make someone invisible?  Check out the facts behind the fiction.

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  1. 1

    cheneetot08 said,

    If ever that invisibility cloak is really true i think i’m one of the person who’ll search for it. haha

  2. 2

    stmichaelsbloggers said,

    If it was real that would be AWESOME!

  3. 3

    christchurcheastbloggers said,

    If that cloak could work i would scare everybody in the school even the teachers. HAHAHA!!!!!!!! Taylah 🙂

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