Brian’s Winter by Gary Paulsen

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I got this totally awesome book at the library last week. It’s called Brian’s Winter. It’s about a boy who is flying over a wintery landscape and the pilot of the helicopter just goes pflt….dead!!! The controls give way and the helicopter goes down and down. Luckily,the helicopter’s safety kit has all the stuff he needs to survive in the wintery woods. Eventually,he finds a small line on the hill not very far away and he gets back home!!! But,while he was living there,he had to eat rabbits, foolbirds, deer, and moose.He uses stones and sticks to make arrows,and he uses the hides of the animals as snowshoes, jumpers,and boots. Sure, they look dumb, but they sure keep him warm.

By Rachel. 😀

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    christchurcheastbloggers said,

    By the way,if you want to know more about the book,post a comment and ill try and answer the questions.

    From Rachel. 😀

  2. 2

    Henry said,

    I thought it was just called hatchet.
    Anyway I’ve also read this book and its very good but next time please dont give the end away for people who havent read it!!!

  3. 5

    Cammrar said,

    So does he survive?Rachel plese tell me

    Thanks Cammrar

  4. 6

    neve said,

    so the boy is called hachtet or brian?

  5. 7

    Rachel said,

    well Cammrar, he survives on moose and foolbirds,and rabbits.That’s all im telling you!!!!

  6. 8

    Rachel said,

    also,the boy is called BRIAN!!!

  7. 9

    cammrar said,

    thanx 4 telling rachel

  8. 10

    kezia knight said,

    this convosaton is goin on for ages

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