Skulduggery’s latest adventure – Mortal Coil

One of the books that I’ve been reading through our earthquake crisis is Derek Landy’s latest Skulduggery Pleasant book, Mortal Coil.  We’ve seen Skulduggery and his butt-kicking companion, Valkyrie, fighting all sorts of evil so far, but Mortal Coil has even more in store for them.  As I was reading I kept wondering ‘how the heck are they going to get out of this situation?’

In the last book, Dark Days, Valkyrie found out a terrible secret that she couldn’t bear to tell Skulduggery.  In Mortal Coil she is doing all she can to try to change her terrible destiny, without the help of Skulduggery.  If that wasn’t enough to deal with, the Remnants have escaped the Midnight Hotel and foreign powers are threatening to take over the Irish Sanctuary.  The Remnants believe that Valkyrie is their saviour and will possess any body to get to her.  Will Skulduggery be able to save the day this time?

I loved Mortal Coil!  As always, the story is fast-paced, the characters (and their names) are interesting, the humour is witty, and it’s scary and pretty gory in parts.  Derek Landy can make me laugh or make my skin crawl (sometimes in the same sentence).  If you’ve read the other Skulduggery books you’ll love Mortal Coil, but if you haven’t read them yet, get them from the library.   Age 10+      10 out of 10

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    killcodekid said,

    i’ve read the whole series and got the first book but it would probably be
    a good idea if you read the other books first (and yes it can be a bit gory if it was a movie it’d probably be r13) good as a horror story!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 2

    Saskia 11 years old said,

    I have read all the books so far and can’t wait to read Mortal Coil. I agree with killcodekid when he/she says that you should read the other books first. I would give all of them a 10/10!!!

  3. 3

    Amalie said,

    I have read 4 skulduggery pleasant books and am half way into no.5
    I would recommend them to any one aged 10 to 13 my cousin read them as well and he was 10 like me.

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