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Best Books of 2010 – vote and win

What are your favourite books you’ve read this year?

We’re putting together a list of the best books of 2010 and we need your help.  We’ve picked the Top 5 Books for Older Readers and the Top 5 Books for Young Adults and we want you to vote for your favourite book in each group.

All you have to do is choose your favourite book and go to our Kids website (for Older Fiction) or Pulse (for Young Adult) to send your vote  (see the website for Terms and Conditions).

Two lucky voters will win a selection of the Top 5 books, so get voting!

This competition has now finished.

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What’s your favourite series?

Vote for your favourite series.

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Let Me Whisper You My Story by Moya Simons

This is a great new novel by Moya Simons.  Rachel is a young Jewish girl in Leipzig Germany at the time of the Second World War.  After being moved to a ghetto her family are taken away by the Nazis.  Before he leaves Rachel’s father tells her to hide and not to speak.

She is found and taken in by an Aryan family who remember her fathers kindness when he was their doctor.  This is dangerous and there is a lot of tension in the house hold.  Rachel remaining mute throughout doesn’t help.  This is a moving story of a family torn apart by war.  Rachel keeps her family close in her heart by remembering all the Sabbath meals shared with them.  The pace of the book is slow but you keep reading as Rachel’s story is so strong.  You are also hoping that she survives the war and finds her family alive.  This book would appeal to anyone who likes Holocaust stories and would be a good read for children 11+.

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Juno of Taris

Juno, one of the 500 people on the remote island of Taris wants answers, like why they must shave their heads every week, why they are not allowed to learn to read and why they have no contact with the outside world after it was demolished,but her questions bring danger.

Juno yearns to know the answers, and when she and her friends complain, they are withdrawn from.

The more she lies, complains and disagrees, the more her least favourite of all the people on Taris, Hilto, hates her and wants to kill her.

When her parents are allowed to have a baby, Juno helps them choose what embryo they want, she finds parents she likes, but her parents disagree, but when there is an earthquake that shakes their whole island, Juno does something that could get her in lots and lots of trouble or worse…….

I think this book is really good and it is full of twists that will blow your mind!

This book should be read by 11/12 year olds and up because there is minimum violence and a little bit of swearing (take no notice of it because it’s such a good book!)

This book deserves a 10 out of 10 because I cant find any thing wrong with it!

By Kezia, Age 11

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GONE by Michael Grant

What would you do if everyone fifteen or older was suddenly gone? No explosion, no green alien smoke, just … disappeared.

Sam Temple is a fourteen year old boy in school listening to his teacher boring the class. Then without any warning or sign, the teacher is gone. In no time, the class is told that all of the teachers are missing, including the principle. A riot breaks out, as some of the older kids take there being no adults to their advantage. But Sam, his friend Quinn, and a girl Astrid the Genius, go away to inspect the rest of the city. And they quickly find that every single grown up is missing.

For some kids, like Orc the school bully, this is great news. But for most children, life turns into Hell. Everyone looks to Sam for help. But he doesnt have much more of an idea what to do than them. With no help or contact from the outside world, the fate of Perdido Beach is plunged into uncertainty.

This is a really good book with lots of suspense and excitement. I rate it 10/10.

By Henry

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My favorite book this year is… Eragon

Eragon is my favorite book this year. This is because of all the action and killing and the other stuff that happens.

By Logan

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The most boring book in the world

The Project by Brian FalknerThis is not the most book in the world, it’s about the most boring book and when two boys find it and its worth 2 million dollars if found, all sorts of things could happen.

Luke, a new zealand kid who moved to america, and his spy crazy best friend tommy are about to be pushed to their limits when the find a book, the most boring book in the world in their opinion, and they discover a terrible secret hidden in it’s pages.

Will they be caught by the men who dispise their knowledge of the book and it’s secrets, or will they not be caught but the world would suffer for it.

Come into the world of  fantasy, drama and Leonardo Da Vinchi.

I think this book is sutible for 11 year olds and up and I would give it a rating of 10 out of 10

His life could change the world- His death could save it.

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If you think about it, you can work this out. (leave a comment if you know the answer.)

By Kezia, age 11

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