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Hi everyone,

It’s great to have the chance to join you on the Christchurch City Libraries Kids’ Blog. I used to work at the library so that makes it doubly nice to be back, even though it’s in a ‘virtual’ sort of way.

I’ve been writing stories for a long time now. I sometimes get asked why I write stories. One of the answers is that I’ve always loved reading and to be a writer I think you need to be a reader, too.

I borrowed books from the library and bought my own books, too. I seemed to have kept a lot of them. Here are some of the books (and one comic) I enjoyed reading when I was younger.

I’d be interested to know what books you’ve been buying and borrowing recently. A recent book I borrowed from the library, and then had to go and buy a copy of for myself, was Philip Reeve’s A web of air. This is the second volume in the prequel to his Mortal Engines series. Fabulously inventive!

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    zackids said,

    I’ve seriously run out of room for all the books that I own. I keep buying more because I love to have my own books to treasure but I don’t actually have room for them.

    I bought the Hunger Games Trilogy the other day which I’ve been waiting to read for ages, but my favourite book that I’ve bought lately is Shaun Tan’s Sketches from a Nameless Land. Shaun Tan is one of my favourite illustrators because his illustrations are so weird and wonderful.

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