Stories Part One

I mentioned that I’ve been writing stories for a long time. The first stories I wrote and sold were never published as books. Some appeared in the children’s page of a newspaper. Some were broadcast on a television programme called Playschool. Ask your parents if they remember that programme!

Stories come in all shapes and sizes and in lots of different formats. This blog is a story. Computer games are stories. Text messages are stories. So are conversations and television soap operas and comics and newsletters and posters and  . . . well, maybe the whole world is a kind of story . . .

Here is a poem about books and stories. It’s written by a man called Klaas Verplancke and it comes from his wonderful book called “Reus”. The book is not available in English so I’ve translated the words from the original Dutch.

‘A book is a roof,

once upon a time is the ceiling,

and they lived happily ever after

lies in the cellar.

In between, lives half the world

on thousands of pieces of paper

and that is my house.

Sometimes I live in a forest,

Tomorrow on an island

And even on top of a mountain.

Every day another page,

and another story,

and another house.’

What do you think?

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    zackids said,

    I loved Playschool when I was growing up and I’m sure I probably listened to the presenters reading your stories.

    Thanks for sharing that wonderful poem Bill. I really like the idea of a book being a roof with all the characters living underneath it. It must be great being able to read another language and discovering lots of amazing stories from another culture.

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