Stories Part Two

Long ones, short ones, in-between ones.

I’ve always liked short stories. I seem to have written a lot of them. Some have been published in the School Journal, the first one way back in 1985. It was about a magician. A more recent story will be in a book called Pick ‘n’ mix. This story is called Cold stranger and it’s a horror story (no blood and guts, sorry).

A horror story I remember reading when I was at school is called the The hand. It was written by Guy De Maupassant, a French author who died over one hundred years ago. It was written in a very matter-of-fact way. Somehow that made the creepiness of it even more creepy.

I never thought I’d write a horror story but it’s good to try different sorts of stories. Pick ‘n mix is being published by Scholastic next month. The book has sixteen stories by lots of different New Zealand writers. It’s the first of two volumes. The second will be out early next year. Something to look forward to, if you like short stories.

This is what the cover looks like.

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