Starting from scratch

This week I thought I’d share a new short story with you. Let me what you think of it.

It’s called Starting from scratch. I’ll post it in four parts, starting tomorrow.

Here’s the reason I wrote it.

One of the things I’m interested in is how stories survive. For example, how come so many of the stories, poems and play written by the Ancient Greeks are still around today, more than two thousand years after they were first written down? One reason is that in the days before printed books – and well before the days of the internet – scribes in places such as medieval monasteries copied and re-copied old stories. And I don’t meant photocopied. They copied them by hand, word by word. It must have been incredibly hard work but it meant that stories stayed alive for future generations.

How come some stories survived while others didn’t? Were they the best-written ones? Or the most popular?

I haven’t set my story in the past even though it’s about the survival of stories. I’ve set it in the future. Dark days. Cold days. No internet. No libraries. No books – except for the ones that are being copied in a place called the Monkery. In some ways it’s quite a serious story, but not entirely. . .

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    zackids said,

    It sounds like a really interesting story Bill. I can’t wait to read it!

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