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    Meleane said,

    Aliens ate my homework
    It has used alot of exciting words and has hooked me in. Meleane, age 10

  2. 2

    Henry said,

    The CHERUB series are really good. They always have something exciting going on and I can never bring myself to put one of them down.

  3. 3

    jessica said,

    my farvite book is alice and wonder land

  4. 4

    jessica said,

    my farvite movie is twlight

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    Room 12 said,

    We are reading Super Finn in our class at the moment. We are enjoying it a lot. We laughed when the spider scared Mr Patel.
    The story is about a school kid that wants to be a super hero. He is planning on saving Umbaba a World Vision kid.
    We will tell you what we think when we finish it.
    Thanks for reccommending this book for us Zac

    From Room 12 at Avonhead School

  7. 7

    zackids said,

    It’s a pleasure Room 12 🙂 It’s a hilarious story and the author, Leonie Agnew is really funny too.

  8. 8

    Susanna said,

    I like molly moon because it involves alot of time traveling,hypnotism and time stopping.

  9. 9

    james said,

    my favrite book is the nazi dagger incedent because is full of mysterys

  10. 12

    freya said,

    Louise rennison I loved all of her books and highly recomend them they are for girls at the age of 12 and i just love the angus thongs series by her if you’ve seen the movie i recomend starting the series and withering tights is also an amazing book just so funny 😀

  11. 13

    villabloggers said,

    Hi Everyone!
    I personally LOVE and GO CRAZY about the two best series of all time Skulduggery Pleasant and the hard to miss Harry Potter!
    Skulduggery Pleasant is great and I CAN NOT wait for the next one (NO. 6 in the series) Death Bringer and the funny thing is it’s on my birthday! So hopefully i’ll be getting that for a present!
    Also Harry Potter is just fantabulous and I recommend any reluctant readers to try out Skulduggery and or Harry Potter!
    Thanks See yas!

  12. 14

    georgia said,

    hey sounds like a good book

  13. 15

    georgia said,

    Hey i was just wondering im from villa maria college and i lost me sheet could u please send me my login details again i want to make a book review and i dont no how

  14. 18

    georgia said,

    Hi i have just finished this book called destiny and the wild horses by stacy gregg, its a book about a girl who goes to visit her aount and help her train animals for a show. i really loved it!!! i would say 5 out of 5 stars. 10+ 250 pages.

  15. 19

    Mrs harding said,

    hi, we are reading this book called super finn and in one of the chapter they are in assembly and there is a lollie scramble

  16. 20

    Mrs harding said,

    hi i am reading this book called harry potter you already know and its very funny when they had kkkkiiiiiiiissssssssssssssss in it!

  17. 21

    villabloggers said,

    Hi I have read the Skuludggery Plesant Series and they are amazing!
    Skulduggery Pleasant is about a crime fighting detective skeleton and his new assistant Stephinie Edgley. There are many gasps and thrills in this book with all the breath taking things happening. When you have finished the series i’m sure you would agree with me.
    I love Skuludggery Pleasant so much because of all the great thrills and Mr Pleasant’s funny remarks.

    “Stairs,” Valkyrie said, disappointed.
    “Not just ordinary stairs,” Skulduggery told her as he led the way down. “Magic stairs.”
    “Oh, yes.”
    She followed him into the darkness. “How are they magic?”
    “They just are.”
    “In what way?”
    “In a magicky way.”
    She glared at the back of his head. “They aren’t magic at all, are they?”
    “Not really.”

  18. 23

    Room 12 said,

    hi my name is room 12 and we are reading this book called super finn
    and i love it because a grandma thought they were a robber but they are actually raising charitty

  19. 26

    Room 12 said,

    hi my name is ryan and ive read ryans never read and its so funny because my name is ryan and it says diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  20. 27

    ryan said,

    hi my name is ryan and i am reading this book called diary of a whimpy kid and in one of it greg wraps him self with toilet paper.

  21. 28

    ryan said,

    i am reading this book called star wars and the author is greg hasumi

    and he is not funny like i read all the books and it is very funny

  22. 29

    ryan said,

    hi i am reading book facebook rocks

  23. 30

    kj said,

    hi ladys and gentleman i am ryan and i am going to tell you a story called minecraft and its so cool

  24. 31

    ryan said,

    Im reading harry potter! it is really cool!!!!!!

  25. 32

    ryan said,

    thanks zac about the dinosaur books we love it

  26. 33

    ryan said,

    thanks for the books Zac Harding

  27. 34

    ryan said,
    is a reading programme if you want to read and you can read

  28. 36

    cobhamblognathanrm13 said,

    zac power rocks

  29. 37

    ryanpbob said,

    my spider was killed because of ME!

  30. 38

    room 12 said,

    Dear zac.Thank you for the dinosor books.From eliza.

  31. 39

    ryan said,

    hi i am reading diary of a wimpy kid and it is kind of 🙂 and 😦

  32. 40

    molly said,

    Hi my name is molly and I am reading matilda it is so awsome because she can read lots of books in one day. I start reading at 3;00 in the moring and my mum comes in and says ton your light out

  33. 41

    joseph said,

    andy grifis

  34. 42

    joseph said,

    geronemo stilton

  35. 43

    ella said,

    geronemo stilton

  36. 44

    malachi said,

    peter jackson

  37. 45

    Phoenix said,

    monster high thea stilton

  38. 46

    kaelin said,

    ej12 and jacqueline wilson

  39. 47

    Louis said,

    Roald Dahl

  40. 48

    Ruby said,

    My Class at school read I Hate School Michael Fatarsky and I recommend it to all kids looking for a Laugh and a cool book. My favourite part was when He was at the library.

  41. 49

    Ruby said,

    Now we are reading Goodnight Mr Tom. It is a really gripping and emotional book about world war 2. I think it is one of the best books I have ever read and it is by Michelle Magorian… I think thats how you spell her name anyway?

  42. 50

    LUKE edwards said,

    I’m reading Dairy Of Wimpy Kid: The third wheel. Its a great book. Its about a Valentine’s day dance at Greg’s school and Greg can’t find a date. When he does find a date his friend Rowley decides to come …things can change into a disaster.

  43. 51

    Analise said,

    I have just read Diary of a wimpy kid: the third wheel by Jeff Kinney. It is an awesome book about Greg, the main character, trying to find a date to the school’s valentines dance. It is a good book for kids aged between 9 to 12

  44. 52

    Ewen said,

    I’ve been reading a book called Knitwits that is about a boy called charlie that makes a bet to Alice Pepper to knit a sweater for his baby brother or sister, if he succeeds he gets to have Alice Pepper’s skull collection and if he loses he’d have to give Alice Pepper $5 dollars for the rest of his life. I rate it 8/10 and I think it is suitable for ages 8-13

  45. 53

    Sam said,

    The Drovers Quest By Susan Brocker

    This book is awesome if you love horses and mustering.
    The Drover’s Quest is about a girl named Charlotte who disguises herself as a boy so that she can join the Drovers that are taking over 1000 head of cattle to the West Coast. She wants to go to the West Coast where a man has gone missing, that man is her father. Charlotte, her dog Skye, her horse Cobber, her fathers friend Tama and her friend Joseph from the drove work together to get to the camp where her dad has gone missing.
    If you want to find out what happens next you will need to read the book to hear the end of the adventures.

    • 54

      zackids said,

      I love The Drover’s Quest Sam. You should try Susan Brocker’s other books, especially The Wolf in the Wardrobe.

  46. 55

    Kate McL said,

    Le Café Petit On O’Sullivan St
    By Raymond McGrath

    This book is a picture book and you would love how it rhymes. The characters in the book are fun and out there. The illustrations are colourful and exciting

  47. 56

    Sarah said,

    I’ve read a fantastic book called the Messenger Bird by Ruth Eastham. It’s about a boy called Nathan who on Bonfire Night his father is taken away for breaking the Offical Acts Law. His father tells him to follow Lily’s trail and the more people that know the more dangerous it is. He tells his friends, Sasha and Josh. The three of them follow Lily’s trail and learn that it history is repeating itself and the end of Lily’s trail can save Nathan’s father from life in prison. I rate it 10+/10 and I think it is suitable for 11 and up.

    • 57

      zackids said,

      Thanks for your wonderful review Sarah! I’ve looked at this on the library shelves a couple of times and thought about reading. I’ll have to add it to my pile

  48. 58

    Anonymous said,

    I just read animal farm by george orwell

    ps sorry if not enough punctuation

  49. 59

    Reuben said,


    I strongly recommend Animal Farm. It’s a classic by George Orwell

    Reuben, 12

  50. 60

    Rebecca said,


    I would strongly recommend the Tom Gates books by Liz Pichon they are hilarious and I really get hooked in when I read then. I think my favorite would be Tom Gates Genius Ideas but I think I actually like them all the same. Also you should definitely read Diary Of A Wimpy Kid books by Jeff Kiney. My they are all hilarious too and my favourite would be probably Cabin Fever or Hard Luck. Also once once you have read the books definitely watch the movies.

  51. 61

    writing said,

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  52. 62

    Anonymous said,

    Hi my favourite book at the moment is The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman.

  53. 63

    Brenda Green said,

    Great new book on Amazon Kindle

    Four Wheeled Hero by Malcolm Brown

    Its so funny it keeps you glued to the book from start to finish

    This exciting adventure story for children will have all lovers of traditional fantasy ‘boy hero’ tales on the edge of their seats until the final word.

    The story has two young teenage heroes, Tommy and Smithy. But this is a children’s fantasy adventure story with a difference because one of the heroes, Tommy, is confined to a wheelchair following a terrible accident.

    The story begins when Tommy is sent a magical stone from his Uncle Bill who is on an expedition in the Brazilian Rain Forest. Bill was given the stone by a village chieftain after he saved his son’s life. He was told that the stone had magical powers so he sent it to Tommy for his stone collection.

    But it turned out to be much more ‘valuable’ than for inclusion in the stone collection for, a couple of days later, Tommy’s father, who is the manager of the local bank, is kidnapped by robbers when they realise that the alarm system has been set and they have to wait until Monday when it would allow the vault to be opened.

    When Tommy and Smithy decide to try to track the robbers down the real power of the magic stone is revealed. This power is that when Tommy thinks of something the stone makes it happen so the robbers are in for some real surprises as Tommy’s wheelchair develops some very unusual and effective weapons and powers. So, with the help of Smithy’s cat, Tiger, who more than lives up to his name, the robbers are taught a lesson they certainly don’t expect.

    This is an exuberant and exciting children’s adventure that will appeal to young and old alike.

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