Bill Nagelkerke’s Old Bones

Bill Nagelkerke’s book, Old Bones, is a ghost story set in the suburb of Dallington in Christchurch.  Two students from Point England School in Auckland, Ala and Selena, made a podcast about Old Bones that you can watch on their Korero Pt. England blog.

The Korero Pt. England blog is a great place that you can visit and learn about all sorts of different books you could read.  Some of the latest podcasts are about The Killer Cat Strikes Back (by Brooke and Kayla), The Moo-my’s Curse (by Erene and Matthew) and Just Annoying (by Kobe and Unaloto).  You can even tell them what you thought of the books they read by posting a comment.

Fantastic blog Point England School!  Keep the podcasts coming.

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    Stephen said,

    My favourite character is… ZAC POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! because he is a secret agent and very cool.

  2. 2

    juju said,

    My friend rachel has been reading this book and she loves it!!!
    Even my mum wants to read it now!!!!

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