Bill Nagelkerke’s New Book

I have a new book coming out early next year. It’s called Hippo Ears and the Stargazer. This is what the cover looks like. Underneath is a description of the book, taken from the publisher’s website.

“People like stories that make them feel safe. Most of my stories do that. But sometimes I throw in a new tale that unsettles them. A tale about wandering stars for instance.”

Hipparchus and his sister Sappho live on the island of Samos in Ancient Greece. They spend their spare time listening to the ideas of their friend the Stargazer. They are enchanted by his stories about the stars, the sun and the Earth. But Hipparchus and Sappho discover that not everyone agrees with the Stargazer’s ideas, and stories can be dangerous. They must find their friend and warn him before it is too late . . .

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