Last post from Bill Nagelkerke

Thanks to Christchurch City Libraries for inviting me to be their ‘Star Author’ during October. It’s been great fun. I’m looking forward to reading the blog of next month’s Star Author.

Last week I visited the Centre for the Child in the Central Library and spoke to students from St Michael’s School as well as to some home-schooled students. I showed them a copy of the first story I had published in the School Journal, back in 1985. It was called The Magic Trick.

I’ve written several stories featuring magicians and magic tricks. I think it’s because stories aren’t that different from magic tricks, especially stories with endings that surprise.

Stories are magical in other ways, too. Stories can take you to amazing places and introduce you to some great characters, all through the transforming power of words and your own imagination.

So, keep on reading and writing, and enjoying the magic of stories.

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