GONE by Michael Grant

What would you do if everyone fifteen or older was suddenly gone? No explosion, no green alien smoke, just … disappeared.

Sam Temple is a fourteen year old boy in school listening to his teacher boring the class. Then without any warning or sign, the teacher is gone. In no time, the class is told that all of the teachers are missing, including the principle. A riot breaks out, as some of the older kids take there being no adults to their advantage. But Sam, his friend Quinn, and a girl Astrid the Genius, go away to inspect the rest of the city. And they quickly find that every single grown up is missing.

For some kids, like Orc the school bully, this is great news. But for most children, life turns into Hell. Everyone looks to Sam for help. But he doesnt have much more of an idea what to do than them. With no help or contact from the outside world, the fate of Perdido Beach is plunged into uncertainty.

This is a really good book with lots of suspense and excitement. I rate it 10/10.

By Henry

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    christchurcheastbloggers said,

    hi henry
    I want to read this book now!

  2. 2

    zackids said,

    I absolutely love Gone! It keeps you thinking all the way through and you want to go out and read the sequel, Hunger, straight away. It’s a bit freaky in places too so I would recommend it for older readers and those who don’t get scared easily.

  3. 3

    kiakaha75 said,

    sounds amazing, i reckon i would love it, thanks for the review.

  4. 5

    zackids said,

    I got to meet Michael Grant yesterday when he was in Christchurch. He plans to write 6 books in the series (so there are still 3 more to come) and he has some very evil things in mind. The first book is scary enough so just beware if you get scared easily.

    He asked two boys to imagine they were trapped in the FAYZ and that they were starving. He then gave one boy a Mars Bar and one boy a baseball bat and asked us to say which boy we thought would survive. Who do you think?

  5. 6

    Henry said,

    My favourite character is Drake because of his mutated arm.

  6. 7

    neve said,

    i really want to read the book i have just reserved it with a little help…………..

  7. 8

    henmistr said,

    Theres a new GONE fansite at falloutalleyyouthzone.wordpress.com

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