Juno of Taris

Juno, one of the 500 people on the remote island of Taris wants answers, like why they must shave their heads every week, why they are not allowed to learn to read and why they have no contact with the outside world after it was demolished,but her questions bring danger.

Juno yearns to know the answers, and when she and her friends complain, they are withdrawn from.

The more she lies, complains and disagrees, the more her least favourite of all the people on Taris, Hilto, hates her and wants to kill her.

When her parents are allowed to have a baby, Juno helps them choose what embryo they want, she finds parents she likes, but her parents disagree, but when there is an earthquake that shakes their whole island, Juno does something that could get her in lots and lots of trouble or worse…….

I think this book is really good and it is full of twists that will blow your mind!

This book should be read by 11/12 year olds and up because there is minimum violence and a little bit of swearing (take no notice of it because it’s such a good book!)

This book deserves a 10 out of 10 because I cant find any thing wrong with it!

By Kezia, Age 11

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  1. 1

    christchurcheastbloggers said,

    That sounds so cool!

  2. 2

    zackids said,

    I loved Juno of Taris too Kezia. Did you know there is a sequel to Juno out now called Fierce September? It’s just as good as Juno of Taris.

  3. 3

    jacksccl said,

    It is one of my favourite books as well. It was nominated for the Nz Post Book Awards a couple of years ago. It was my pick to win but it was beaten by another book.

  4. 4

    kiakaha75 said,

    thanks Kezia for the fab review,
    i can’t wait to read Juno of Taris now

  5. 5

    juju said,

    my sister read it and she loved it!!!!!!
    I BET she would love to read it again

  6. 6

    Rachel said,

    My friend Kezia has read this book in class and she loved it! It looks really cool!

  7. 7

    kiakaha75 said,

    I have read this book now and I loved it as well.
    thanks again for the fab review Kezia.

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