It would take a very special person to crack the computer systems of the White House. An expert. A genius. A devil. All of the above some would say. Someone like Sam Wilson, brilliant teenage computer hacker.

Thanks to Zac, I’ve really gotten into Brian Falkner’s books eg:The Project.

Sam and his best friend Fargas are about to bring the whole of united states of america to its knees, by accident.

They buy the newest piece of technology, the nuero headset which will change there lives, Sam’s especially.

He discovers a group of professional hackers whose base is supposedly in the White House.

He’s caught and sent to jail, or is that the job aplication of something much bigger.

Join Sam, Kiwi, Veinna and there work mates in a fight over the internet, people’s minds and the world.

I think this book should be for 11 year olds and older, and I would give it a rating of 10 out of 10.

The next war starts in cyberspace.

By Kezia,  Age: 11

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