Fierce September

I’ve just resintly finished reading the second book in the Juno of Taris series.

The second book, Fierce September is one of the best books I’ve ever read, including Juno of Taris.

Juno, and all the other people of Taris have left their island and are heading for outside. The ship they are on is full of technology that amazes them and makes them yearn to know more.

The young people are entranced despite the hate campaign against them- they love the fashions, the technology and, best of all for Juno, the freedom from control.

But only days after they arrive, a deadly pandemic hits in the country they are living in, Wellington, New Zealand, and of course, they are blamed by all the people.

Juno is shocked to find the island held more secrets than any of them knew. She wants to bury her head, ignore what she discovered and forge ahead to find her own place in this new world.

But Juno finds she can’t stay hidden in the back round when danger threatens the people of Taris, bombs, protesters, the hate campaign and most of all, the people.

It’ll take all the courage and the determination Juno and her friends can give to save their people.

By Kezia Knight

Age 11

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    Jacqui said,

    I really love this series as well Kezia. Have you tried some of her other books like Ambushed and Lucy and the Drama Queens?

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