Bridge To Terabithia

Have you watched the movie Bridge To Terabithia ?

Well it is a movie about a imaginative world which Leslie makes up in the woods.  Leslie opens Jess’s mind to the amazing kingdom of Terabithia!  They find tons of magic creatures like giants,ogres and other fantastical creatures.

Leslie is a very imaginative girl she is really smart as well as kind and friendly.

Jess is very good at drawing and he is friendly too.

And there are lots more characters!!

There is also a book a bit different to the DVD though i am reading it a school for my novel reading i am half through it.

I would recommend it for boys and girls.

I would give it 10 out of 10

By Shuying

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  1. 1

    stmichaelsbloggers said,

    I have been reading this book too!!!
    It is so cool!!!
    It is very interesting !!!
    I just love it
    So much drama!!! I just love it!!!

    By Alison!!!

  2. 2

    juju said,

    bridge to terabithia is a really good movie and book!!!!!!

  3. 3

    neve said,

    i havnt read the book but ive seen the movie i think its really sad when ………………
    i cant tell you!

  4. 4

    Rachel said,

    I have seen Bridge To Teribithia nearly 5 times!! it’s a really good movie!!

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