HUNGER by Michael Grant

106 hours 29 minutes

A strange sense of calmness has settled over the FAYZ, even though there is nothing at all to be calm about. The huge barrier enclosing them is now the least of anybody’s problems, especially Sam’s. Looking after a few hundred children is hard for him, and everyone’s parents,siblings, and relatives disappearing doesn’t help a lot.

Ever since Caine lost his head, Diana has been the only one caring for him. But now he plans to make a comeback that threatens to plunge all of the FAYZ into darkness. Which leaves everybody at Coates one question. Who is Caine really working for?

Even though people think of Sam as the leader, Drake still lurks around violently disciplining anybody found breaking Caine’s rules.

Hunger is now seeping silently through the small town and sick jokes about cannibalism become more and more common. Each person is now being given three cans of “food” a day. But it’s never a can of baked beans or spagetti. They’re down to eating whole tins of gravy or lima beans and corn. And with no fresh food around, Sam, Edilio and E.Z. go to the fields. But when E.Z. is eaten by bloodthirsty mutant worms, they realise there is no hope. But not only people are hungry. In the mine, lays the monster and it too needs to be fed…

Whats more, a kid called Zill becomes sick of the freaks getting treated better than the normal people. He had never seen a mutant become so hungry they ate bugs. So he gets some friends together and start the “Human Crew”. They begin vandalising Perdido Peach and almost hang some people.

What will Sam do? What will Caine do? What will anyone do? Will they survive the terrors of the FAYZ?

This is a really good book and it is the second book in the GONE series the Michael Grant. There is lots of action and suspense but probably better for people aged 12+. I rate it 9/10.

By Henry

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