Darren Shan series

Be amazed by all the things you can find in the night.

Darren Shan is a normal boy until he wins a ticket to the Cirque-Du-Freak. From then on everything goes pear-shaped.  He goes along to the Cirque with his best friend Steve Leonard.  At the Cirque they see amazing things all the time, until they have to leave.

Steve then reveals that he recognized one of the performers, Mr.’Creepy’ Crepsly, this then starts off a wild adventure. Suddenly Darren and Steve are thrown into the world of the night.

In order to save Steve from a poisonous spider bite, Darren must become a half-vampire!  Steve takes this wrong and thinks that he has the rightful place as a vampire.  Steve turns to the dark side of the night and vows to kill Darren.  Who will win and who will perish?  Read these books to find out.

This ends up being one of the best literary roller-coasters ever.

I give this a ten out of ten and recommend it for ages nine up.

Great work.


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    henmistr said,

    I havent read the books but I watched the movie. I didnt really like it much but I hope the books are better!

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