The Pickle King


-A small town called Elbow
– Five misfit kids
-One bouncy dog
-A jar of Herman’s Devil tounge Chili

Bring ingredients together, and one real-life dead body and you have yourself one crazy, red-hot adventure.

Thats exactly what happens to Bea and her friends the rain town convicts.

The town Elbow is well known for its summer weather, rain.

When Bea and her best friend Sam take a photo of a dead body their worlds and the rest of the towns, turn upside down.

When the discover that they are not the only ones in on the secret of the dead body, then they begin a fight for their lives,

trying to discover the clues before they do…..

The rain in Elbow can be very annoying, it can drive you insane by the constant sound of ‘tik tik tik tik’ you would run out into the street with your pj’s on and yell ‘stop! Make it stop!’

I think this book is suitable for 11 and over and I would give the book a rating a 10 out of 10.

By Kezia Knight

Age: 11

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  1. 1

    juliette said,

    Hey kezia, you make the book so much more exciting than it looks!!! [though it does look pretty cool]
    I really want to read this book!
    Can you get it out at the central libary?

  2. 2

    christchurcheastbloggers said,

    kez that book you make it sound soo awesome i will try to remember to read it!

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