Frog Whistle Mine by Des Hunt

Frog Whistle Mine is Des Hunt’s fourth novel and the first book about Tony’s adventures. Tony and his mum move to Charleston, where there are abandoned mines to explore and friends to make. It seems Charleston might just be the place for them. Below the quiet, deserted surface of the town, however, is a shadowy mystery, lurking as deep as the mine. The few residents of Charleston hide many secrets, as Tony discovers. Tony and his new friend Rose are intrigued, and bit by bit, begin to piece it all together.

I really enjoyed reading this book. The characters were really well described and believable. The plot was exciting and I was pulled in like a nail to a magnet. I recommend Frog Whistle Mine to 9-12 year olds and rate it a 9/10

I am now reading the sequel,  Shadows in the Ice, which is proving to be as great a read as this book.

By Tierney

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    jacksccl said,

    Great review Tierney I really like this book as well. You might like to try The Moa Cave. That is another of my favorite books by Des Hunt.

  2. 2

    Rach said,

    Thanks, Tierney! It’s always fun to hear about good NZ books.

  3. 3

    Anonymous said,

    i love it we read it as a class and it was so interesting and the hole classes waited day after day just to know what going to happen next

  4. 4

    Alex said,

    Awesome job, Tierney. I loved this book and its sequel every bit of the way. You should try the crocodile nest by des hunt. It is very good

  5. 5

    Anonymous said,

    i likethis book and the crocodile nest

  6. 6

    Anonymous said,

    Des Hunt is one of the best authors ever. I love all of his books and cant wait for his newest ones to come out 😀

  7. 8

    Anonymous said,

    who is the publisher?

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