The Dead by Charlie Higson

This is the second of the ‘The Enemy’ series, The Dead.

Jack and Ed are best friends in this time of crisis.  Their friendship will be tested to the limits when they are battling these zombies, (Sickos they call ’em).  They must escape from the school and fight their way out, all the while watching a girl being trapped in a school-house.

Once they  have saved her they cross the road to the local church, only to find Matt, one of the most strong-willed, quick thinking boys from the community has gone crazy and is thinking a boy, called ‘The Lamb’ is going to save them all.           

Their friendship and their trust are about to be pushed to the limit, while Jack and Ed fight fire (and ‘Sickos’) with fire.  Matt is still rattling on about The Lamb

I give it 10 out of 10 and almost everyone will love it.

Rhys age 11

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