Surf’s up for grommets!

CoverEver been called a grommet? Don’t worry. That wouldn’t be a bad thing. A grommet is a young surfer!

Champion Australian surfer Mick Fanning has just come out with a surfing book for grommets (or wannabe grommets) called, Surf For Your Life: Grommets’ edition.

There’s nothing like getting out into the ocean and catching a sweet wave, and that love for surfing is what Mick  shares in this book. Loaded with full-colour photos, Surf For Your Life gives a glimpse into the life and mind of this pro surfer as well as offers tips and stories on how to get the most out of your surfing. Whether you’re new to the waves or a grommet dreaming of going pro, this book will help you get into the water and push yourself to succeed.

Even though he’s been surfing since he was five or six, Mick stresses that he is always learning, always growing as a person in and out of the water. To that end, Surf For Your Life is both a biography of Mick’s life and a how-to for grommets.

Some of Mick’s hot surfing tips for grommets include:

  • Guide to bottom turns, backhand cutbacks, tube rides
  • Knowing your surfboard
  • The art of travel
  • Guide to great surf spots around the world
  • Training, etc.

The library has heaps of books that will get you stoked to learn to surf and a book about Mick’s amazing journey to the 2007 World Surfing Tour. So check them and out and get to the beach to catch some sweet waves!

Surf’s up!

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