Ella’s Big Chance

Ella’s Big Chance is beautifully written and illustrated by the famous author Shirley Hughes.  This book is the fairy tale of Cinderella retold in modern and better way.  Ella, her Dad, and Buttons – the doorman and delivery boy – run a dress shop for wealthy people.  Everything is OK until Ella’s Dad marries an evil stepmother who has two evil and snobby stepdaughters.  Ella slaves away working all day while her evil stepsisters either lounge around or do fashion parades modeling the clothes she has made, while poor Ella only has one shabby black dress to wear.  Her only true friend is Buttons.  Her fairy Godmother sends her to the Duke’s ball where he falls in love with Ella.  But be surprised at the ending when you read it, as it is not like Cinderella.

I have loved this story for over half my life.  I used to get it out of the library every time we went, until my mother finally bought it for my 5th birthday.  Ella is strong and independent and marries for love.  I also love the drawings, because they are so pretty and make me feel warm.  I give it 10 marks out of 10.

By Sophie (8)

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    zackids said,

    Great review Sophie! I love Shirley Hughes too. She’s a great author and a fantastic illustrator.

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