The Floods: Playschool by Colin Thompson

The Floods Playschool is about the day-to-day life at Quicklime College. The main characters, Orkward Warlock and his sad sidekick, the Toad, are plotting to kill the Flood children on Sports Day.

I loved this book because it was funny and full of action at the same time. Narled, the talking suitcase, was really funny, going around collecting other people’s belongings. The funniest part was Narled’s ‘trundle, trundle, pick up … trundle, trundle, pick up”’– his actions were very low-key and no drama as opposed to the very high drama actions of Orkward and the Toad.

The Toad was my favourite character because he was very sad at the beginning but he got what he wanted and needed at the end, which was great. The characters were so well written (it was especially useful to have the profiles at the end!) and very believable in a weird sort of way. I really enjoyed the ending but I can’t give it away … just to say it was satisfying!

I recommend this book to people who enjoy having a laugh and are keen on adventures. A good author can have you on the edge of your seat and have a laugh at the same time – Colin Thompson is one of these. I give this book a 10 out of 10 because I can’t go any higher!

Saoirse, 10

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