Sophie’s further adventures by Dick King-Smith

This book has three books inside it: Sophie in the saddle, Sophie is seven, and Sophie is lucky. My favourite book is Sophie is seven

Sophie’s further adventures are stories about a girl who has three pets called Beino, Tomboy and Puddle. She is a very determined girl and she doesn’t give up easily. She loves farms and has a ‘boyfriend’ called Andrew. He is a farmer’s son and she wants to be a ‘lady farmer’ when she grows up, with Andrew! She has two sporty twin brothers who hinder Sophie’s life a lot.

In one of her adventures she goes to a farm to visit Aunt Al – this story has a sad ending but I won’t tell you what it is. In another adventure she gets Puddle, her new dog and visits the stables and gets riding lessons.

My favourite part was when Sophie got her dog Puddle because she was so excited about getting a dog for her birthday (which is at Christmas-time!).

I would recommend this book to kids around my age who like animals. I think it’s a really good book – I would give it 10 out of 10.
Eibhlin, 8

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    Christine said,

    This book seems cute

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    Anonymous said,

    this book sounds like a good book maybe for girls as always better than boys. I really really want to read it now! BUT IF IWANT IT HOW CAN I GET IT?

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