Fanny Witch and the Wicked Wizard by Jeremy Strong

Another funny and entertaining group of stories from the amazing Jeremy Strong.

Fanny Witch can do magic, but can she  … first, stop some safari animals rampaging through the streets, next, stop the dreaded Cloud-beast ‘chilling’ the whole village, then bubble bath flooding the streets and finally, Doctor Blackliver’s evil plans?

My favourite character was Casserole (the dog) because he really, really, really doesn’t want to be the hero or the star of the show! He accidentally falls into the role but ends up not minding too much when the praise from Fanny starts to come his way. I guess this is the same with most of us!

I would recommend this book to younger readers (and also those who are ‘young at heart!’) because this is a hilarious book with bit of action in it. A quick, easy read that is sure to make you laugh and want to read more Jeremy Strong.

Saoirse, 10

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