Boy Zero – behind the scenes trivia

Hi again

Are you a fan of behind the scenes trivia? I definitely am. For those with a keen eye, there are a few hidden bits of trivia and special features in my book Boy Zero Wannabe Hero that you may not be aware of.

Here they are:

1.  Go to page 16. There is an odd web page address there. Does it work?

2.  Go to page 116. The director of the super school is my grandfather. (Just his name that is.)

3. Go to page 68. The call sign of the police car is Red Five. Which famous movie character also goes by this call sign when he’s flying his spaceship?

4. Go to page 108. The chapter heading is a huge clue to the answer of question 3.

5. I had to change the name of the character that eventually became Charlie Applejack. Can anyone guess what the original name of Boy Zero was? It was one of the following names:  Zac Applejack,  Wonder Wally, Casey Applejack or The Superzero. I’ll give you a clue – we have a famous sportsperson with a similar first name. (This is bit of a trick question by the way.)

Have fun!


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