Amazing author secrets revealed

I bet that got your attention! Well, I’m not sure if I’m revealing an amazing secret here –  it’s probably more likely an interesting fact actually.

Ever wondered how books are made? Ever wondered what genius minds meet together in locked rooms with secret handshakes and talk to each other in cryptic code words to shield the prying eyes of the public from discovering their latest masterpieces about to be released? Shock, horror, book publishing is nothing like this at all. (There are absolutely no secret handshakes that I am aware of – and I have never been invited to a meeting in a locked room yet either.)

To prove how simple things are –  a humble author like myself was invited to suggest some ideas for the book cover of my third Boy Zero book. I have attached my original concept version created in Powerpoint using clip art,  and the finished version created by Faber & Faber. The only genius work involved in this project was by the amazing illustrators and design team involved. (Perhaps they share a secret handshake.)

So maybe some readers out there have the potential to create their own book covers too! If you can use Powerpoint and clip art, then you’re half way there already! I would expect you could probably do an even better job than I did. (I’m just a mere butterfingers adult computer user.)

See you for now


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