The Peco Incident by Des Hunt

CoverTake two cousins Danny and Nick, eco tourists Brio and Roost, Harriet the Parriet, Albatross and Penguins colonies and what do you have?  The latest page turner by Des Hunt – The Peco Incident.

Danny lives on the Otago Peninsula and is dreading his cousin Nick coming to stay.  He’s ok if he takes his Ritalin but guess what he forgot to pack.  The boys become involved with an outbreak of bird flu which threatens the birds of Taiaroa Head.  Did the outbreak come from the Peco chicken farm or are Brio and Roost more sinister than they seem?

Des has written a great read.  As you’re reading you can imagine the wild rugged landscape of the Peninsula.  The relationship between the boys allows for some wonderful humour throughout the book.  There is also plenty of  adventure as it becomes a race against time among the cliff tops of Taiaroa Heads to save the rare birds.

‘Maybe we should check her out on the web,’ suggested Nick. ‘She might be one of those eco-terrorists.’

It was a good suggestion.  That was the thing about Nick.  He could be real dumb at times, but he was actually quite intelligent.  The problem was recognizing the clever bits in amongst all the rubbish.

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    zackids said,

    I just finished The Peco Incident and I loved it! I always like Des Hunt’s books because they transport me to a part of New Zealand that I haven’t been to before and there’s lots of adventure. My favourite character was Nick because he was always getting into trouble and Harriet the Parriet was hilarious. The villain in this story was great too.

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    reardonhs said,

    Wow, this sounds great! I can’t wait to read it!

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      miya said,

      des hunt i love ur books they are so insperasional!
      i am really into wild life and i live on the otago peninsula so im finding this book real interesting!

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    Anonymous said,

    I love this book so much its has inspired me to stop battery farmed chickens and i am even writing a speech about it
    And i shall use a quote from the book!

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