The puzzle I finished today!

The puzzle I finished today!

Woo Hoo! Back to school! Did the holidays seem to last ages for you or did they fly past by like supersonic missiles?

Back-to-school in our house means it’s quiet and peaceful during the day so now I can get down to some serious writing. And I’d really love to do that … but I’ve found a new hobby that’s getting in the way.


Yes. Jigsaws.

It started back in November when I picked up a battered box with a faded Italian seaside scene on the front at a garage sale. A bargain at only a dollar! I took it home (along with an armload of second-hand books) and emptied its five hundred tiny pieces onto the dining table.

It was over two hours before I managed to finally drag myself away from it. Each little piece you slot into its rightful place gives you such a sense of satisfaction. Think about it; that’s five hundred pieces of satisfaction in one small box! (Actually, if you do think about it, it’s only four hundred and ninety-nine, since the very first connection has to involve two pieces …)

I have finished ten five-hundred piece puzzles since then. I reckon each one takes about four or five hours; that’s a fair chunk of time when you add it up. But I don’t feel too guilty because it’s so relaxing and challenging. In fact, starting and completing a jigsaw is more rewarding than any other mindless hobby I can think of.

So give one a try. You could get mum or dad or a friend to join in as well.

And if you reckon jigsaws aren’t your thing I’ve got this to say:

“You do not like them. So you say. Try them! Try them! And you may. Try them and you may, I say.”

Thanks for tuning in. Next time I’ll be blogging with you about lollies and bomb shelters.

PS: Can anyone tell me which book I got that last quote from?

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    BookGiirl2407 said,

    Green eggs and ham!!! by Dr Suess. I love puzzles too.

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