Finnigan & the pirates by Sherryl Jordan

My mum, (who is the best librarian in the world – sorry Zac!) chose this book as a read aloud. I’m really glad she did.

This book is about Captain Wildbloode the Wicked and her nephew Finnigan. Captain Wildbloode is said to be “the most ferocious pirate in all the seven seas.” So much so that she wants Finnigan to carry on all the glory, fame and fortune that she has created.

But Finnigan has his heart set on a slightly different desire. He LOVES to dance and his dream is to attend ballet school, on land. But in order to get there he must work out a fiendishly clever plan to get his aunt on land, never to return to sea again. But that has its own problems when plans include sea monsters, storms, fire and cannibals!

My favourite character was Finnigan because his obvious joy when he dances and Captain Wildbloode’s obvious joy at mayhem, murder, pillaging and plundering is entertaining when side by side. I liked the cunning nature of Finnigan’s plans and the funny side of the ending.

I would recommend this for 8+ years because Eibhlin, (my sister and another blogger) thought it was exquisite and she is 8 years old. Definitely a great book … READ THIS BOOK!

Saoirse, 10

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    zackids said,

    Great review Saoirse! Your mum is a fantastic librarian and it sounds like she picked a great book. Thanks for the recommendation 🙂

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    thorringtonstarbloggers said,

    Chocolate’s in the mail Zac!

    Saoirse and Eibhlin’s mum 🙂 🙂

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    Sandy Nelson said,

    Hey there, I love Finnigan and the Pirates too. My name is Sandy Nelson. I am a mother and a teacher and a writer.

    I have read this wonderful book to two of my boys. I read it to them when we were walking the Heaphy Track in January, a bit each night in the huts. Lots of other people in the huts listened too!

    I have read it to my class of Year 8-9 year olds this year and they loved it!!! We did lots of pirate writing that was inspired by Sherryl’s great writing, and made pirate maps too.

    Young people who like Sherryl’s stories should also read the books about Denzil, a young wizard apprentice. They are great. The first one in the series is The Wednesday Wizard.

    Two of Sherryl’s books for teenagers are two of my favourite ever books. They are Rocco and The Juniper Game. Sherryl is one of my writing heroes.

    A funny thing that happened when I was reading Finnigan to my class was that they didn’t know what cannibals are. They thought the word I was reading was cannonballs!!!

    Keep reading Saoirse and Eibhhim

    From Sandy Nelson
    Writer of The Ghosts of Iron Bottom Sound

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      zackids said,

      Great to hear from you again Sandy! Finnigan is a great book and a very deserving winner of the award. It was disappointing that Ghosts of Iron Bottom Sound wasn’t one of the finalists because it was one of my favourite NZ books from last year. I hope your writing is going well. Is there any news about the sequel to Ghosts?

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        Sandy Nelson said,

        Hi Zac,
        I am still waiting to hear from Harper Collins and feeling a bit worried that my editor Kate Stone might not like the sequel or that even if she does they might decide not to publish. I went to the Spinning Tales conference in Auckland and one of the strong messages I took away from there is just how tight things are in the book publishing industry.
        But hey, I got to meet my wonderful editor, and publicist Bonnie and the rest of the team at Harper Collins. I got to look around their offices and see just how many manuscripts are piled up on Kate’s desk, and I got to go downstairs to the storeroom where there are thousands of books. The smell of paper was overwhelmingly beautiful! Only a book lover could say that!
        At the conference, which was excellent, I got to meet lots of New Zealand’s most talented children’s writers. I felt humbled to be among them. I’ll write more about that when it’s my turn to be Star Author. Please remind me again when that is.
        Zac, thanks again for saying you liked my story so much. I hope one day you will get to read the sequel. Today I have been writing again… its hard to find writing time as I have 3 boys and I am a fulltime teacher, so today I am happy that I did some writing! I have been reading and writing about a man who organised for candy bars and chocolate and gum to be parachute dropped to children in West Berlin when it was being cut off from food supplies by the Russians after the end of World War Two. The man was nick-named ‘The Chocolate Bomber.’ The parachutes were mini ones which held a few treats for a sad, hungry and cold child. Neat eh?

        Have a good week Zac, and all Christchurch kids (and teachers!!!).

        Bye for now – from Sandy Nelson in Twizel – land of tussock and mountains and no snow yet – skiers are getting worried!

        P.S. Sherryl Jordan – I really do love you books and I hope I get to meet you one day!

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    zackids said,

    That must have been fantastic meeting all of those amazing authors! I got to go to the awards ceremony for the NZ Post Children’s Book Awards this year so I got to meet lots of authors and illustrators too 🙂 The idea of a Chocolate Bomber sounds brilliant. I wonder if someone could come over my place and drop lollies and chocolate into my back yard?

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