Stay safe Christchurch

I hope everyone out there in Christchurch is staying safe after the huge earthquake.  If you are reading this and would like to share your experiences please leave a comment and let us know.

You can follow Civil Defence for information on what to do.

Further information is available from and

Akaroa,  Bishopdale and South libraries are now open, but please don’t return any items to any of our libraries yet.

Your issued items are not due until 1 May 2011.

Thanks everyone and stay safe.

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    Saskia Hill said,

    Zac, are you ok? Were you in the library or at lunch when it happened? We had a library full of kids at Queenspark School but everyone got out quickly and calmly.

    It took me 4 hours to get across town to my children and that was scary. I’ve never been so happy to see my family in my life.

    We are homeless as all of the bricks have fallen off our house and the windows smashed. We are staying with my husband’s family. But we are alive and well.

    Stay safe everyone.

    Saskia, Saoirse and Eibhlin xo

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      zackids said,

      Hi Saskia. Myself and my family are all fine thankfully. I was lucky to be having lunch in Latimer Square with my partner at the time so I stayed with her and contacted my family. We saw the CTV building, and others, falling around us but we were safe as we were out in the open. I’m glad that you and your family are well, even though your home is not.

      Stay safe,

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        Saskia Hill said,

        So glad you are ok! We have been in Belnheim and Nelson and just got back today. I was worried about you, and the kids and I are REALLY happy that you and your family are alright. Phew!

        Saskia 🙂

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    Zoe said,

    Hello. I blog about kids books and a Christchurch resident has asked me if we could set up a donated book drive to get books to families who have lost everything. i’ve never done anything like this, don’t know about logistics etc and wondered if you might be able to make some suggestions / give some advice. Please email me if you’ve got any ideas. I’d love to show families in Christchurch that people from all over the world are thinking of them and trying to support them.

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    jacksccl said,

    All staff got out of the Central Library safely. I also faced a three hour walk to get home. All the roads were so messed up it took ages to get away from the city. I didn’t hear from Olivia for ages so I was pretty worried.
    I understand Christchurch East, St Michaels and St Marys schools were damaged. Are any of our bloggers around? Can you let us know your ok.
    Stay safe everyone.

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    hi im danielle harvey i go to tauranga intermediate and i hope everyone in christchurch is keeping safe and i am very sorry to the ones who have lost someone for those who have stay strong and just keep yourself and close very safe soooooooooooo sorry for what has happend.

    STAY SAFE CHRISTCHURCH AND BELEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      zackids said,

      Thanks for your thoughts Danielle 🙂 Some of us still don’t have power, water or toilets but we’re getting through. It’s great to have lots of people thinking of us and donating money, food and other help where they can.

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    🙂 hi people of this website its a good one

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    Keith Thompson said,

    Hi all, just back from an amazing campervan trip around the South Island highly reccomend it to fellow travellers, but visiting the Centre of Christchurch was very sad for My Wife and I, the TV over here in Perth- Australia does not portray clearly the damage and loss not only to the Town- but the people as well, our hearts go out to you all and sincerely hope that it does not happen again ??

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