The Recruit by Robert Muchamore

James Choke was a normal kid. He went to school, hung out with friends, and did his homework (most of the time). But some members of his family are definitely not normal. Ron (his stepdad) has big anger problems. And for his mum, she runs a massive thieving business. Because of this, James has everything he wants: Playstation 2, big flat screen TV, DVD player, the works.

One day at school, Samantha Jennings ( a mean girl who James hates), continues to taunt him about having an extremely overweight mum. Then, he decides he’s had enough. He violently assaults Samantha and flees the classroom.

At home that night, James’s mum and Ron are drinking wine. While Ron sneakily steals money from her wallet, James reminds his mum that she needs to take her pills and she isn’t supposed to drink without them. Later on, when Ron has left, James tries to wake his mother up. She doesn’t move. He checks her breathing. Nothing.

James’s sister Lauren is taken away from him to live with Ron, while he moves into Nebraska House. He lives there for a few weeks with his roommate, Kyle. But in almost no time, he finds himself on CHERUB Campus, an unofficial branch of the British intelligence. Before he can stop the bad guys and be miniature 007, he has to pass basic training. 100 days of pure torture, lead by stone-hearted, Mr Large.

CHERUB is probably in the top three series I’ve read. If you like Alex Rider you’ll love CHERUB. I would recommend it for people who like long series (don’t you hate it when you read a really good book and there’s no sequel?!?!). I give it 9/10

By Henry

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