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I have been a big fan of Margaret Mahy’s books for a long time — from The Lion in the Meadow to The Three-Legged Cat to A Summery Saturday Morning. These picture books are perfect examples of the way Margaret gets words to soar and swing and somersault. Reading them out loud makes me feel like soaring and swinging and somersaulting myself. What these books also show though, is the way imagination and what is real can picnic in the same place. I love the way the cat and the hat get mixed up (the uncle sets off around the world with a cat to keep his head warm and Mrs Gimble has a hat on her knee that is perfectly good company but doesn’t need feeding!). Of all the fabulous authors in the world, Margaret is the one who most inspired me to try writing poems and stories for children.

I do have other favourites though. David Hill’s See Ya Simon is a gutsy, moving novel for older children that I treasure. Elizabeth Knox’s Dreamhunter creates a mysterious, challenging, haunting world that is a pleasure to inhabit for that time of reading and beyond. The characters in Joy Cowley’s Snake and Lizard (beautifully brought to a second life by Gavin Bishop’s illustrations) are a quarrelsome pair that you can’t help falling in love with. Mandy Hager’s Blood of the Lamb trilogy offers fine writing, challenges, suspense, tenderness, mystery as we encounter a society that needs blood to survive (I can’t wait to read the final volume shortly). Kate de Goldi’s The 10PM Question is a sumptuous narrative of a young boy’s anxieties. All of these books remind me that stories have the power to matter, to make language sing and to draw us closer to the heart of being human.

Paula Green

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    laura said,

    thank you you really gave me some ideas about what books I would like to read I really love reading and that so far is my favourite thing to do in live exept riding my horse
    from laura 10

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