My favourite NZ books – Leonie Agnew

The best ever NZ children’s book … hmm. That’s got to be The Loblolly Boy. I love the story because it’s dripping with imagination. An invisible kid who can fly? Yes please. That’s my kind of story.

I also love how the author, James Norcliffe, made it seem so real.  Mr Norcliffe paints a dark side to this fairytale which makes it even more irresistible, as the Loblolly Boy discovers that dreams can turn into nightmares, unless you’re willing to take control of your own destiny.

I hear there is a sequel on its way. Stay tuned book lovers…

Leonie Agnew.

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    mysterious said,

    hey leonie your books are awesome!

    • 2

      Leonie said,

      I have no idea who you are – which makes you mysterious. So excellent choice of a name! It literally gives you an air of mystery … but thanks! Glad you like them. If people like the stuff I write, it means I’m doing something right!

  2. 3

    Samuel said,

    Hi Leonie, I really enjoyed reading Superfin and am looking forward to your next book. I’m Mrs Willcock’s son

  3. 4

    Leonie said,

    Hello Sam – yes, I know you! Glad you liked the book, it takes so long to write them and it’s nice to know they’re being enjoyed by kids. I’m busy writing new ones but it’s rather cold in Dunedin. Hard to type with number fingers … :-p

  4. 5

    Leonie said,

    Oh lord. I meant ‘numb’ fingers. See what I mean??

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