It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Super Finn!

Finn Marsh is just an ordinary kid who’s not very good at most things.  When his class has to do a homework assignment about what they’d like to be when they grow up, Finn decides he’d like to be a superhero.  But to be a superhero there are a few things you need, like superpowers, a nemesis, a costume, and you need to save someone’s life.  To finish his homework Finn needs to become Super Finn and, with the help of his friend Brain, he must figure out what it takes to be a superhero.  When Finn’s mum tells him and his brother that they can’t afford to sponsor their World Vision child, Umbaba anymore, Finn realizes that it’s up to him to raise the money to save him.  After their experiments to try and get super-strength and night-vision powers don’t go as planned, Finn and Brain turn to doing dares for money and running a black market junk food business during their lunch break to raise money to help sponsor Umbaba.  Are their crazy schemes enough to help save Umbaba’s life and become a superhero?

Super Finn is the funniest book I’ve read in a long time.  Finn and Brain are cool characters and you might even have kids like them in your class.  The things that they get up to are hilarious and one part of the book, when Finn is in assembly with bags of lollies strapped to his body, made me crack up laughing.  I loved the character of Finn because even though he keeps getting in trouble he doesn’t give up his mission to help Umbaba. Super Finn is Leonie Agnew’s first book and I can’t wait to read what she writes next.  Recommended for 7+     10 out of 10

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    Leonie Agnew said,


    I’m the author of Super Finn and Zac asked if I’d like to comment on the review. So, this is me turning red and stammering, ‘G-gee thanks!’

    It took me two years to write Super Finn, but I was also studying and working, so it’s more like 6 months. Do you like to write? I did when I was a child – not much has changed! Most of the writers I know used to write stories for fun when they were in school, I think it’s one of the signs that you’re going to be an author. So if you like making things up and putting them down on paper, don’t stop! You’re practising for your first novel.

    Zac also suggested I mention where I got the idea from Super Finn. So here it is. The truth revealed, the secret unveiled … (drum roll, please). I got the idea from a piece of paper that was buried twenty feet under the ground. The paper was a thin sheet of gold and the ink was invisible, but luckily I’ve got some experience with invisible ink. I happened to know where to find the piece of paper because I wear a map in a necklace (that’s true), which led me to it. Of course, the neon sign pointing at the ground and flashing ‘Hello! Great idea buried here’, was also a tiny clue. Sadly I forgot to bring a spade, so I dug up the idea with a plastic teaspoon, which is the real reason it took me two years to write the book. The silly spoon kept breaking.

    Mind you, no one said it would be easy to write a book.

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      zackids said,

      I might have to go digging in my back garden to see if I can find some great story ideas too Leonie. I don’t have a spade either but I wonder if an ice cream scoop might do the trick 🙂

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    Anonymous said,

    Super Finn is so awesome!

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    Sophie said,

    You’ve visited my school before!(Willowbank School)We’ve had a photo together!(All libarians’ with you and all the people there).
    Your book totally rocks!Please write a sequel.scholastic will definetly approve of it.(of your standard that is).

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    Leonie Agnew said,

    Willowbank! Yes, I remember. That was my first author talk. I managed not to stand on anyone or break anything. That’s my definition of a huge success.

    A sequel … hmm. I’ll have to see what my publisher says!

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