Nightstorm and the Grand Slam

I have been in floods of tears over my laptop this week as I say goodbye to some very good friends – namely the characters in the Pony Club Secrets series!

That’s right. After 13 books and untold adventures for Issie and the gang from Chevalier Point, it’s all about to come to a thrilling conclusion. I have just been finishing the rewrites on the very last book in the series, Nightstorm and the Grand Slam, and that’s the reason for all those tears. It’s not just that I’m going to miss all the characters once I stop writing the books – although I am going to feel awfully lonely without them. The tears also flowed because some very big and dramatic things occur in the Grand Slam. I won’t ruin it for you by telling you what happens, but I will say that I think it is the most action-packed book in the whole series!

Unfortunately, New Zealand readers are going to have to wait another three months to find out how it all ends because Nightstorm and the Grand Slam isn’t going to come out here until July! Meanwhile the penultimate book in the series – Liberty and the Dream Ride – is out in local shops and your library now. And you can always put in an advance request with your librarian for the Grand Slam too so that you’ll be the first to get it when it finally arrives!

The latest book in the Pony Club Rivals series is called Riding Star and it should be out here in New Zealand next month. Georgie and the girls are back at Blainford and they’re starting a polo team. I picked up a few hints hanging out with polo players down in Gisborne when I was writing it. You can check it out on my blog at

Yesterday, as a break from all the writing – I did some more writing! I was helping out at a dressage competition writing up the judges’ notes for her. It was loads of fun watching the dressage riders – so much fun that I thought I might try riding a test myself. My horse Ash and I are entered for a competition next weekend!

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    omigosh! that is so sad! i love these series

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