Alex Rider – Scorpia Rising

It’s been five months since Alex heard from MI6. He doesn’t know if Mrs Jones has finally persuaded Alan Blunt not to use teenagers on missions, or they just don’t need him at the moment. But it doesn’t really matter, he was glad to be a regular boy again. But in the back of his mind, he wonders, does he miss it?  The excitement, the thrill, knowing what England was like behind the scenes? Of course not! But is that really the truth? Alex thought about what he wanted, but when you’re Britain’s most successful spy, there is no choice.

When Alex is almost sniped at school, he finds himself dragged back into the world of gangs, murderers, and secret society’s.

Meanwhile, Scorpia is offered a serious amount of money to steal from the British Museum. But after two previous failures, they decide to take out the only person who can stop them: Alex Rider. So they seek out the best person for the job. Somebody who hates Alex more than anybody else, somebody who is one of the smartest and most criminally insane people in the world, somebody, who wants revenge…

In need of answers, Alex goes to MI6, they would know what this was all about. But he comes out scheduled for another mission. This time Alex must travel to Cairo, to spy on a head of security of a school for they worlds richest kids. Although everything is not as it seems.

I really can’t give any more away for this book, it would ruin the whole story. But I can tell you this is one of the best Anthony Horowitz books yet. It’s fast paced, and you can’t predict what will happen next, as all of the Alex Rider books are full of clever twists and the plan only becomes clear at the very end.

I would rate it 7 or 8/10.

By Henry

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    Flynn Garthwaite said,

    looks like a great book i might read it some time 🙂

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