Dressage Day and Writing Tips

After a whole week of brilliant sunny days, on the actual day of the dressage competition it was absolutely hosing down! All the same, I decided to ride and so I took Ash along in the horse float in torrential rain to Woodhill Sands where the competition was being held. By the time I’d tacked him up both of us were soaked to the skin. We were also so over-excited about doing our first dressage competition in almost a year that Ash entered the ring with a giant buck!  He settled down after that and we managed to get two rosettes – one for third place and one for fifth. I liked the fifth place one the best because it was a very pretty shade of pink! It wasn’t exactly a stunning effort on our part, we could have done much better! But I’m sure we’ll improve for the next show and we had lots of fun!

It is school holidays at the moment so I’m planning to go riding in the forest with my daughter tomorrow. I love the forest! The woods are full of deer and the stags are in the roaring season at the moment and they sound like lions when they make their mating calls!

Meanwhile I have work to do! I  need to get started on my new book – Pony Club Rivals: The Prize.

Starting a new book is always hard and first chapters are the most difficult ones to write. I thought I might give a few tips on getting started for all you keen writers out there.

My Top 5 Writing Tips:

  1. Make a map of the plot before you begin to write. I often draw myself a map of all the chapters before I begin. I don’t usually stick to the plan, but it helps me to get my ideas sorted so I can start. I keep the map pinned to the wall above my desk.
  2. Figure out the key themes for your story. Who are the main characters going to be? What’s going to happen to them? What lessons will they learn in the course of the story?
  3. Set yourself achievable goals for writing. Try writing a page a day or a chapter a week. Goals are important because if you don’t have a ‘deadline’ or a target then it is hard to motivate yourself.
  4. Don’t ever give up because you have ‘writer’s block’. This is no excuse! Sit down and make yourself write something – anything! If I am having a bad day I still force myself to write – there’s always something worth keeping in the rough draft and you can go back and rewrite it up later.
  5. Be your own writing critic. Once you’ve done the rough draft go back and read it and think about how you could make it better. Then rewrite, rewrite and rewrite again!

I hope those hints help you. As for me – I should really go and get started on that novel right now!

X Stacy

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    zackids said,

    Ash sounds like a very cool horse, even if he was a bit over-excited. Thanks for your great writing tips Stacy. We have some very good writers on the blog and it’s always good to get writing advice from an actual writer.

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