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How are you going with the history reading challenge this week? Sometimes history can sound dry and boring but it doesn’t have to be. It’s a matter of choosing the right book for you. That’s why I love the books in the My Story series – they’re a mixture of history and adventure. Another great one in that series is by David Hill, an excellent NZ author. It’s called Journey to Tangiwai and I can thoroughly recommend it. I heard David Hill speak at a writers’ conference a few weeks ago. He’s very funny and has lots of interesting tales to tell about his life as an author.

I love meeting other authors and hearing about their lives. One of my favourites is another NZ author, Brian Falkner. If you ever get the chance to hear him speak, you won’t regret it. He is fascinating and very funny. There are so many talented NZ authors out there. I wonder how many of them you have met and listened to. Margaret Mahy? Joy Cowley? Lynley Dodd? Kate De Goldi? Fleur Beale? I’d love to hear about the authors you’ve met. You can put a comment on the blog just below this post and let me know.

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    zackids said,

    Journey to Tangiwai is my favourite book in the My Story series. I think that’s because we studied the Tangiwai Disaster at primary school and I knew what happened. I also really like David Hill’s writing and lots of kids probably know him as the author of See Ya, Simon.

    Brian Falkner, Des Hunt and Fleur Beale are my favourite New Zealand authors. We have so many great authors in our country (including you Sharon!) and some amazing stories. I’ve met Brian Falkner a couple of times and he’s a really cool guy. I’m hoping to catch up with him at the Wordy Day Out for the Auckland Writer’s Festival.

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    Tierney Reardon said,

    Hi Sharon,
    I really love Journey to Tangawai, too, though it was very sad at the end.
    I have met several authors, such as Tessa Duder, Docter Glyn Strange, Doc Drumheller and James Norcliffe. I have also been to a talk with Andy Griffiths, who is funny and a little gross.

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      starauthor said,

      Hello again, Tierney. Andy Griffiths is funny and a little gross – great description! But his books are very good and popular and he has certainly found a niche! That’s the best thing an author can do – find a niche. Talk again soon.

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