Yay for Mothers!

Happy Mothers’ Day to all the mothers out there. I’m a great fan of correct punctuation but I’m never entirely sure where to put the apostrophe in Mothers’ Day. I put it at the end because it’s a day for mothers. Hopefully that’s the right way.

Today I thought I would also let you know about a word game that I started a few years ago. It’s got its own blog called www.wordimperfect.blogspot.com If you go to the website you will see how to play, but here’s the rules in a nutshell. Every few days I put up a new word. It’s a real dictionary word, but it’s not a very common one. The point of the game is to make up wild and wonderful meanings for the word. Don’t look up the real meaning of the word – it can stop the creative flow. I add the real meaning when I choose a new word. So, if you like word games and you’re a little bit crazy and inventive, have a look at that website and have a go at inventing a meaning for the word that’s up there at the moment – cromlech!

Last but not least, don’t forget to suggest the name of a character for my next book! I have one entry so far. But there are four main characters, so there’s still room for your name to be a winner.

Enjoy the weekend.


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    zackids said,

    We used to have Funky Word Friday on the blog but haven’t had it in a while. We might just have to start it up again and link to your Word Imperfect blog. It’s a great idea and there are some really creative responses.

    I hope you have a great Mother’s Day too Sharon 🙂

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