A Fiendish Guest Post – Part 2

The first few books in my Invisible Fiends series are pretty scary, but it’s not until the fourth book that the frights go into overdrive. Book four features Doc Mortis, a deranged imaginary friend who hides in an old abandoned hospital and likes to think he’s a surgeon. He kidnaps children and performs operations on them while they are still awake, turning them inside out, giving them the heads of dogs, and much, much worse.

And here is the exclusive, never-before-seen artwork for the Doc Mortis character. I haven’t even posted this on my own blog yet.

That’s him. Notice the tools in his pocket there? He does some very unpleasant things with those tools, so it’s probably best you steer well clear of them. Or at least wash your hands, afterwards.

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Thanks for listening. I now return you to your regular programming.

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    […] there was Mr Mumbles, then Raggy Maggie,  The Crow Master, and now there is Doc Mortis.  On the Christchurch Kids Blog, Barry described Doc Mortis as “a deranged imaginary friend who hides in an old abandoned […]

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