Tris is a sixteen-year-old girl, when she makes her choice of which faction she is in she determines were her loyalties lie. Forever.

She cannot foresee her dramatic future and is just taking whatever life throws at her in her stride. But, she cannot take a war in her stride, ever. When the Erudite faction declare war on Abnegation Tris becomes a rebel, against her chosen faction Dauntless.  She is forced to watch both her parents die and her boyfriend be controlled by a mastermind. She ends up factionless. Does she make it out alive? Well, you better read Divergent and find out.

If you liked the Hunger Games you will like this, it is just as fast paced and actioned packed.

This book was great because of the way in which it is written and its content.

10/10 Amazing book. I reckon this book is pure genius. 12+


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