Writing Secret #2

Hello from another dank and dull Waikato Wednesday!

I hope you enjoy alliteration. And I hope your Christchurch weather is brighter than mine. You may or may not have noticed that I have been blogging on the even numbered days of the month. This is partly deliberate and partly to keep me organised. However, I am off to Auckland early tomorrow morning (the 12th) for secret research mission and I won’t be near a computer with bloggability. So I’m giving you tomorrow’s writing tip today. Hopefully I’ll be back to even numbered days on the 14th. We won’t mention Friday the 13th for obvious reasons. Anyway, here’s another tip! This is actually one of my favourites because it is SO GOOD IN SO MANY WAYS!

Writing Secret 2: Read your writing out loud

You can read your writing out loud to yourself or to another person. It doesn’t matter, as long as you read it out loud. I always do this. Here are the reasons:

1. When you read your writing out loud, you hear the rhythm of your words. Rhythmic language is much more satisfying to read. If your writing sounds like it flows, great. If you stumble when you read… not so good. Try rewriting those bits so they flow more easily when you read them aloud.

2. When you read your writing out loud, you find lots of errors that you missed before. I like good spelling, punctuation and grammar but sometimes my eyes miss the errors when I’m reading silently. Reading out loud makes it harder to miss the errors. If you find some, correct them.

3. When you read your writing out loud, you can tell if it’s boring or exciting! Enough said about that.

So there are three good reasons to read your writing out loud. Hope that helps.

Until next time,


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