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Hello again

It’s blustery in the Waikato today. Wind is my least favourite form of weather, although the word ‘blustery’ is rather nice, isn’t it? I don’t need to worry about the wind too much though, because I’m inside for most of the day. Sorry I’ve been away from the blog for longer than expected. Life became busy. Hopefully everyone had a restful and enjoyable weekend. Our soccer team won, so that’s always a bonus. One of the stories on my ‘to do’ list is a soccer story. But I’m not sure whether I’ll ever get around to writing it.

I always have a lot of projects ‘on the go’ at once, which isn’t a great way to conduct life but it seems to be my way. One of my projects is a website with writing competitions for kids. I imagine that the competitions will be for a variety of things – writing a great opening sentence, describing a tree, creating a limerick. That kind of thing. There would be opportunities to submit longer pieces as well, but I would probably start small to see how it goes. I would like to host regular writing competitions, but I’m not really sure whether that would be weekly or monthly yet.

So here’s the big question! Is it a good idea or not? Would you enter a regular writing competition for kids? Do you need prizes? Or is feedback enough? I am keen to hear your ideas on my idea.

Thanks for listening!


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    Sam Murgatroyd said,

    Yes that would be cool. Then I would be able to put my writing course skills to the test! 🙂

    Sam [S.W.A.R.M]

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    Amanda said,

    I was searching online for writing competitions, as I have a rather gifted student in my class who enjoys a challenge, and I came across your blog! I think regular writing competitions is a fantastic idea. Prizes are always very motivating for students but feedback is also valuable! Regardless I think its a great idea!!



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