Meet Grace by Sofie Laguna

This all started in 1808.  There is this lovely girl called Grace.  Grace is 11 years old and is living with her uncle in London. They have no money, and Grace is always lonely and often hungry.

Grace is a mudlark, that is someone who has to sift through all the mud in the river. One time she rifles through the river mud and finds an almost new hammer, it is the best thing she has ever found. A gang of mudlarks, with a leader named Joe Bean tries to steal the hammer but with Grace’s very brave heart she didn’t let those boys take such a valuable treasure.

One afternoon Grace couldn’t resist taking a shiny red apple from the grocer’s cart, and another and another!  But back then, you could get hanged for stealing, even if you’ were just a kid.  And Grace gets caught!  What will happen to poor Grace?

I really liked  Meet Grace.  If you like stories about real people, then you’ll like it too.  There are four books about Grace.

Amy, aged 9

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    zackids said,

    Great review Amy! They sound a little like the My Story series which is great.


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      bluepatty said,

      Hi Zac

      I have just finished reading Sweep’s Boy which is a My Story book.
      it’s brilliant. The thing I like about those books is that half of the story is real and there are some real people as well. I have been reading a Meet Letty book and it’s great . I also have a Meet Poppy book waiting on my bed.


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    Jamila said,

    Meet Grace sounds like a great book! i can’t wait to read it!

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      bluepatty said,

      Hi Jamila

      I hope you like it . I’m reading a Meet Letty book now,its fantastic.
      I suddenly have a new series that I love.


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